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Testimonials & Hearing Aid Reviews


Thank you Dr. Halligan for your excellent service, my new Odicon hearing aids are everything you said they would be. Not only am I hearing everything I need to hear when wearing them, they are really comfortable and almost invisible.

I love the Blue Tooth features which allow me to hear the TV and telephone conversations through my hearing aids. I highly recommend this product and believe anyone with a hearing problem should contact you for your recommendation to solve their problem.

Sincerely, Jocelyn Bierenkoven




I purchased two Bluetooth hearing aids from Dr. Halligan in 2012. I absolutely love them, and no one can see them. I understand much better in all situations. I especially like the Bluetooth feature whereby I can hear the TV through both of my little hearing devices.  I can hear the TV perfectly anywhere in the house!

– Jackquie Hoffman






I love my new Bluetooth hearing aids, and I can hear my videos and shows through my Ipad. They’re great, and Dr. Halligan was supportive of my needs.

– Irvin Hoffman



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