Hearing Aid Repair

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Most hearing aids we receive can be fixed. We repair most hearing aid brands and styles including: Oticon, Bernafon, Rexton, Siemens, Phonak, Resound and more.

Repairs are backed by a six month or one year warranty. Park County Audiology works closely with the hearing aid manufacturers to ensure that you get original parts. Don’t settle for cheaper repair services that use generic parts.

As an added service we will program the hearing aid before shipping it to you along with a warranty card.  Expect a 21 day turn around.



Styles of hearing aids repaired

Styles of hearing aids repaired

Save money and send in your hearing aid for repair. We guarantee repairs for six months or a year.

Please download, print, complete and mail in the HEARING AID REPAIR FORM with your hearing air for repair. The shipping address is on the form. Click here to view and print the form.

We can repair most makes and models of hearing aids. Expect a 21 day turn around.

You may pay now on our secure website or send in payment with your hearing aid. Payment in full is required before we begin the repair. We repair custom made hearing aids and over the ear hearing aids. We will check the hearing aid prior to repairing, and contact you if there are any issues.

When Your Hearing Aid is Beyond Repair
Much like a car, a hearing aid that has accrued enough damage can be totaled. In this case, it’s usually better, on both a financial and functional level, to replace the hearing aid with a new model. But how do you know if your hearing aid is totaled, or just damaged?

While it takes an expert to properly diagnose a damaged hearing aid, you can usually assume your hearing aid is beyond repair if:

1. Your hearing aid is five or more years old. Hearing aids have a life expectancy of five to seven years. If you’ve hit that cusp and are experiencing problems, it may be time to retire your technology.
2. The damage is visible and looks extensive. If your hearing aid has been stepped on, smashed, or damaged in a way that seems unfixable, it may be unfixable.
3. Your hearing aid has been repaired several times in the past. A history of repair means a history of breakage and history has a habit of repeating. While a new hearing aid may cost more upfront, it can more than balance out the cost and annoyance of regular repair.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    My hearing aid stopped working. I mailed it in and they returned it to me overnight air! The entire process took 8 days and the vendor replaced my hearing aid. Fantastic service. Dr. Halligan suggested I purchase the drying machine so my hearing aid won’t break down. The process was very easy. She is trustworthy

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