Sound Gear in the canal hearing protection


Sound gear is perfect for hunters. They are comfortable and allow hunters to easily hear sounds and conversations while protecting the hearing.

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In-the-Canal SoundGear for Hunting and Industrial Use

SoundGear In-the-Canal is the smallest and lightest dynamic digital hearing protection product on the market. Ready to wear right out of the box, it rests discreetly inside your ear to deliver natural wind reduction and superior sound quality.

  • Suppresses noise at 80dB
  • 25dB NRR
  • 8dB of Gain

Our complete kit comes in a convenient carrying case and contains:

  • One pair of SoundGear digital hearing protection devices
  • Two pairs of orange silicone sleeves – (1) small (1) large
  • Two pairs of black silicone sleeves – (1) small (1) large
  • Two packs of batteries (Size 10)
  • One cleaning brush
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 30-day risk-free trial*
  • $349.00 A PAIR


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