Sound Gear Custom Hearing Protection


The Platinum level of technology. Please send ear impressions to:

Park County Audiology

PO Box 1295

Fairplay, CO 80440

Include your telephone number and email address. We will ship the devices to you.

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Sound Gear is perfect for hunters who want to hear the animals but not suffer the effects of  loud noise. Simply insert a battery, and insert the Sound Gear. Its simple and effective.

SoundGear Custom Specs

  • Suppresses noise at 95dB
  • 30dB of Gain
  • 24dB NRR
  • 3 millisecond attack and release time
  • HearClear Wax Protection System
  • 1 year repair warranty
  • Size #13 Battery

SoundGear Custom comes in two different technology levels:

  • Platinum:
    • Volume Control
    • Memory Button
    • 4 Digital Listening Modes
    • (Normal, High-Frequency Boost, Telecoil, Mute)
  • Silver:
    • Volume Control
    • 1 Digital Listening Mode (Normal)


Sound Gear in the canal hearing protection


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