Sennheiser Set 840-S


The Set 840 S Wireless Stereo TV Listening System from Sennheiser is a compact stereo listening system that’s well-suited for those who wear hearing aids. The base station transmitter connects to your TV, home theater system, or radio, and uses RF technology to send high-quality audio to the pendant-style receiver. The RF technology provides a wireless range of up to 330′, and the signals can also pass through walls.

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The Sennheiser Set 840-S compact receiver has an induction neckloop, which will send sound to a T-coil equipped hearing aid. The receiver also has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing you to connect a pair of headphones or an induction coupler. The transmitter has 3 selectable hearing settings that provide optimized speech intelligibility, thanks to switchable compression and treble emphasis. The clip-on receiver has a large, ergonomic volume knob for terrific ease-of-use. There are also controls for individually setting treble emphasis and adjusting the balance of the left and right channels for an optimized listening experience.

The rechargeable Li-polymer battery offers up to 9 hours of operation, and recharges in about 3 hours. To recharge, you simply dock the receiver in the transmitter. The receiver can face in either direction when docked for terrific convenience. The transmitter also has a spare battery compartment, so you can always have a fully-charged spare ready to go.


  • Easy to connect and use
  • Excellent sound quality (50 – 16,000 Hz)
  • Large, easy to adjust volume control
  • Three channels assure clear reception
  • Left/Right balance control
  • Adjustable treble boost
  • Compression keeps sounds from getting too loud
  • Neckloop for T-coil users (included)
  • Also works with headphones or earbuds (not included)
  • Receiver is worn with belt clip, lanyard or induction neckloop
  • Receiver battery (BA-300) runs 9 hours on 3-hour charge
  • Transmitter recharges the receiver plus an extra (optional) battery
  • Auxiliary microphone for sound sources without jacks
  • Two year manufacturer’s warranty


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