QH2 ClearSounds Bluetooth Hub & Phone Amplifier

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Enjoy Hands-free and Cord-free Conversations. Amplify any corded phone up to 30dB while enjoying the benefits of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity using a Bluetooth headset, neckloop or streamer.

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This easy to use phone amplifier is ideal for anyone with hearing impairment.

Look! No Hands!

With the QH2 phone amplifier, you can connect a Bluetooth headset, neckloop or streamer to your home or office phone for hands-free and cord-free conversation. The QH2 phone amplifier is compatible with virtually all corded desk phones, as well as corded and cordless home phones. Various set-up options mean you can set up the QH2 to be specifically adjusted for your hearing needs.

Walk and Talk- You Can Use Your Bluetooth Wireless Headset

The hub will also convert any corded business telephone into a Bluetooth phone, so you can pair it with a compatible Bluetooth Headset for wireless communication in your office. If you’re one of those antsy people that likes to walk and talk, this is the device for you.

It Might Get Loud

The QH2 phone amplifier provides 30 decibels of adjustable amplification and frequency management in the phone handset. Pair the QH2 with our Quattro 4.0 and enjoy remarkable sound quality and 30dB of amplification on your hands-free calls connected via Bluetooth . You can be comfortable knowing you’ll never miss a word of those all important conversations with co-workers, friends and family. Plus, you can easily switch calls between the phone handset and Bluetooth headset.

Lift Me Up

To answer and place calls, use our handset lifter to automatically remove the handset from the phone. (You don’t need to install the lifter if you prefer to lift and replace the handset manually. Or… your phone includes a headset mode feature.) Either way, you always have options!

Plug and Play – No Batteries Required

The QH2 Bluetooth Hub doesn’t require batteries. Just plug it in to the nearest outlet and start talking!

Mean Business in the Information Age

The QH2 Bluetooth Hub is an essential part of the office environment. With the QH2, you can save time, jobs and significantly increase office morale. If you have an employee that comes with quick wit and decades of in-depth knowledge, but has somewhat diminished hearing, the QH2 can be a major tool for job security.
With the QH2, you won’t miss out on highly prized and valuable information that comes with experience. And after providing the opportunity to communication clearly, you’re employees will be dancing in the aisles. It’s actually happened, we’ve seen it.

2 reviews for QH2 ClearSounds Bluetooth Hub & Phone Amplifier

  1. audiologydoc

    Works great with all of the manufacturers Streamers

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jacquie Hoffman

    works great with my Bluetooth hearing aids. I can answer the phone without picking up the handset. I hear through both of my hearing aids and can understand every word.

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