Marpac Stereo Pillow Speaker Set PS-2


The Marpac Stereo Pillow Speaker Set PS-2 is perfect for listening to music or television without disturbing others, or use with a Marpac sound conditioner for noise masking. The Marpac Stereo Pillow Speaker Set PS-2 is an excellent choice for superior sound quality. Simply slide the speakers into your pillow case and connect to your preferred source of entertainment (iPod, phone, CD player, etc) or plug into your Marsona 1288A for a great night’s sleep.

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Use your Marpac Stereo Pillow Speaker Set PS-2 to listen to music and relax or soothing sounds to help fall asleep. The Marpac Stereo Pillow Speaker Set PS-2 can be used with any of our sound machines or many other music sources with a 1/8″ (3.5mm) plug.

Simply connect the Speaker Plug to the sound output jack on your sound source. (if you are using a Marpac Sound Conditioner, insert the Speaker Plug into the Accessory Jack on your Marpac Sound Conditioner). Then Place the Stereo Pillow Speaker Set under or next to your pillow. To experience optimum volume, position the speakers grill side up. To experience the best sound quality and stereo separation, position the speakers at opposite ends of the pillow. Now adjust the sound volume and/or balance controls to their desired level.

  • Speaker Output 4ohm, 2 watt speakers.
  • Brings sound of radio, television, or sound machine to your pillow instead of across the room.
  • Can be used with any type or size of pillow
  • Excellent stereo sound capability with 4 ohm 2 watt speaker output
  • Small compact design for minimal intrusion in sleep environment
  • 3.5 mm plug fits most popular electronic output jacks
  • Great for those with hearing loss.


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