Earmold Air Blower


If you are wearing a BTE with a earmold and tube, the Earmold Blower is perfect for you. It blows all moisture and debris from the tube. Earmold tubing will last longer if you keep the tube free from debris and moisture. I recommend you blow your tubes out weekly.


Perfect to use after washing earmolds with warm soapy water or Hal-Hen Disinfectant Spray. Any wax, debris or moisture in the tubes can stop the sound completely so this blower can be very important to keeping your BTE in proper working condition.

A special valve in the rear of the Earmold Air Blower enables high pressure to build up at all times, without the bulb collapsing. This facilitates the removal of moisture and foreign matter from molds and tubing after cleaning. Proper use of the earmold blower will provide a clear opening from hearing aid to eardrum. In humid climates, Earmold Air Blower can be used to eliminate build-up of perspiration inside tubing. The Earmold Air Blower is ideal for user to carry in pocket or purse while home or traveling.

  • Removes moisture & earwax from earmold tubing
  • Improves sound quality
  • Great for open fit hearing aids


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