Dry Aid Kit Hearing Aid Dehumidifier


Don’t Let Moisture Ruin Your Hearing Aid. Dry Aid Kit Hearing Aid Dehumidifier is great for traveling and is a must have item for hearing aid wearers to ensure your hearing aids stay dry and last a long time. Great for people on the go. Silica gel included.

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Its important to keep hearing aids in some kind of drying system. The Dry Aid Kit Hearing Aid Dehumidifier is an affordable system for drying hearing aids. Great for people who travel, camp, have active lifestyles or live in humid environments.  Open the bag and remove the paper from the tin can. This will activate the drying agent contained in the can. Take your hearing aid out of your ear, and open the battery door. Place the hearing aid(s) in the bag and seal. Let the hearing aid sit in the bag for 6 hours.

This is a cost effective approach to drying hearing aids, and perfect for people on the go.

The Dry Aid Kit Hearing Aid Dehumidifier absorbs moisture from your hearing aid, prolonging its lifetime and increasing its sound quality. Your hearing aid will be ready for use in no time. Great for use in a humid environment, when you’ve come into contact with water, or as a regular part of your hearing aid cleaning regimen.


  • Prolongs the life of your hearing aid
  • Improve the sound quality in your hearing aid
  • Blue beads turn pink to show they’re working
  • Beads are reusable; just put them in the oven (follow instructions)


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